Control Your Energy,
Control Your Cost

A PG&E, Commercial Business, and Contractor Partnership

We have proudly served the Monterey Bay and San Francisco Bay Area -

 Providing Excellently Efficient LED Lighting, HVAC, and Other Energy Saving Services.


We look forward to helping your business Save Money and Conserve Energy as well!  

PGE, Contractor, & Customer (you)


California Energy Partners represents a partnership between PG&E, their customers and their Contractor;

all working together to reduce energy usage, cut costs and promote sustain-resource ability.

California Energy Partners is a Monterey, California based company that focuses on providing energy savings solutions to commercial, retail, and industrial clients throughout California. Our solutions include, among other things, LED lighting and smart controls, roof top HVAC optimization, refrigeration motors and fans, and ASH controllers.  We take pride in our ability to provide creative and comprehensive solutions to each client’s energy reduction goals. We have provided energy savings in tens of thousands of dollars to hundreds of customers. It is always our goal to listen carefully to our clients and provide the maximum savings at a competitive price.

California Energy Partners is a proud member of the PG&E Trade Pro Alliance. The Trade Professional Alliance (TPA) is a group of contractors and distributors affiliated with PG&E to promote energy-efficient products and services. We receive projects directly from the utility and can also submit projects to the utility on behalf of our customers.  We process all of the required documentation in order to ensure our customers receive all eligible rebates. In addition, we allow instant cash credit for the rebate amounts so our customers do not have to wait.  

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We are a certified energy efficiency HVAC retrofit company. Our programs help enhance reliability and performance, significantly reducing ongoing operational cost by 45-60%!

LED Lighting


We represent a philosophy focused on energy efficiency and the environment. Upgrade your commercial business lighting to LEDs and see how much we can save you on your energy bill!

EV Charging Stations


California Energy Partners is a certified Distributor of Electric Vehicle Charging Stations. Conserving and saving energy together!